GMC Sierra Warning Lights and Dashboard Symbols

Your GMC Sierra [1987-2024] is equipped with a range of dashboard indicator lights and warning symbols designed to keep you informed about the vehicle’s status. Understanding these symbols can help prevent costly repairs and ensure your safety while driving. This comprehensive guide will explain the meanings of these warning lights and symbols.

Driver Safety Belt Reminder Light

Description: This light reminds the driver to fasten their seatbelt. It flashes and chimes when the vehicle is started and remains on until the seatbelt is buckled.
Importance: Fastening your seatbelt is essential for your safety, and this reminder ensures you do so.

Passenger Safety Belt Reminder Light

Description: Similar to the driver’s reminder light, there may be a passenger safety belt reminder light for the front passenger seat.
Importance: It reminds passengers to fasten their seatbelts for their safety.

GMC Sierra Airbag Readiness Light

Description: This light checks the airbag system. It comes on for a few seconds during startup.
Importance: If it remains on after startup or illuminates while driving, there might be a problem with the airbag system, which can compromise safety.

Airbag On-Off Light

Description: Indicates the status of the passenger frontal airbag. It lights up briefly during startup.
Importance: Turning off the front passenger airbag should only be done if required by law or if the passenger is in a risk group identified by the government.

GMC Sierra Charging System Light

Description: This light briefly illuminates when the ignition is turned on.
Importance: If it remains on or comes on while driving, it indicates a problem with the vehicle’s electrical charging system, which should be addressed promptly.

Malfunction Indicator Lamp (Check Engine Light)

Description: Part of the vehicle’s emission control system, it indicates a malfunction.
Importance: If it stays on while driving, a vehicle malfunction has been detected, and it requires servicing.

Emissions Inspection and Maintenance Programs

Description: Relevant for emissions testing, the light’s status affects the inspection’s outcome.
Importance: Ensure that the light is off during an emissions inspection or maintenance test to pass.

GMC Sierra Brake System Warning Light

Description: Indicates a problem with the vehicle’s brake system.
Importance: A brake system malfunction can be dangerous. If this light comes on, stop safely and have the brake system inspected.

Antilock Brake System (ABS) Warning Light

Description: Checks the ABS system during startup.
Importance: If it stays on while driving, there may be a problem with the antilock brakes, and your regular brakes will function.

GMC Sierra Four Wheel Drive Light

Description: Illuminates when four-wheel drive is engaged.
Importance: This light confirms the engagement of the four-wheel-drive system.

Tow/Haul Mode Light

Description: Indicates the activation of Tow/Haul Mode.
Importance: This mode is useful when towing or carrying heavy loads.

Hill Descent Control Light

Description: Alerts that the Hill Descent Control system is ready for use.
Importance: Useful for maintaining control on steep descents.

Lane Departure Warning (LDW) Light

Description: Alerts you to lane departure without using a turn signal.
Importance: Stay within your lane for safety.

Lane Keep Assist (LKA) Warning Light

Description: Shows the status of the Lane Keep Assist system.
Importance: This system gently turns the steering wheel to prevent unintended lane departure.

GMC Sierra Vehicle Ahead Indicator

Description: Indicates a detected vehicle ahead.
Importance: Helps maintain a safe following distance.

Traction Off Light

Description: Comes on during startup, and it’s an indicator of the Traction Control System (TCS) being turned off.
Importance: Understand that the TCS is disabled, and adjust your driving accordingly.

StabiliTrak OFF Light

Description: Illuminates during startup when StabiliTrak is off.
Importance: StabiliTrak enhances vehicle stability; turning it off may affect control.

Traction Control System (TCS)/StabiliTrak Light

Description: Comes on during startup, indicating the system’s status.
Importance: Flashing indicates the system is working, while a steady light means it’s disabled.

GMC Sierra Trailer Sway Control Light

Description: Flashes when Trailer Sway Control is active.
Importance: Trailer Sway Control helps maintain stability when towing.

Pedestrian Ahead Indicator

Description: Shows when a pedestrian is detected in front of the vehicle.
Importance: Alert for added safety.

Engine Coolant Temperature Warning Light

Description: Comes on during startup to check engine temperature.
Importance: Overheating can damage the engine. Pull over if this light illuminates.

GMC Sierra Tire Pressure Light

Description: Provides information about tire pressures.
Importance: A steady light indicates underinflated tires; flashing light may indicate a TPMS issue.

Engine Oil Pressure Light

Description: Comes on briefly during startup.
Importance: Staying on could indicate low oil flow, which needs prompt attention.

GMC Sierra Low Fuel Warning Light

Description: Indicates low fuel levels.
Importance: Refuel promptly to avoid running out of gas.

Security Light

Description: This light should briefly come on during startup, checking the security system.
Importance: If it stays on and the engine won’t start, there might be a problem with the theft-deterrent system.

High-Beam On Light

Description: Comes on when high-beam headlamps are in use.
Importance: Indicates high beams are engaged.

GMC Sierra IntelliBeam® Light

Description: Shows when the IntelliBeam system is enabled.
Importance: IntelliBeam adjusts high beams automatically for improved visibility.

Front Fog Lamp Light

Description: Indicates that the front fog lamps are on.
Importance: Fog lamps improve visibility in adverse weather conditions.

Lamps On Reminder

Description: Alerts that the exterior lamps are in use.
Importance: Reminds you to turn off exterior lights when not needed.

GMC Sierra Cruise Control Light

Description: Indicates the status of the cruise control system.
Importance: Helps you monitor cruise control settings for safe and efficient driving.

Door Ajar Light

Description: Comes on when a door is open or not properly latched.
Importance: Ensures doors are securely closed before driving to prevent safety issues.

By understanding these GMC Sierra dashboard indicator lights and warning symbols, you can drive with confidence, respond to issues promptly, and ensure your safety and the vehicle’s performance. Always consult your owner’s manual and seek professional assistance if needed to address any concerns.

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