Dodge Ram Dashboard Symbols and Warning Lights

When you’re behind the wheel of your powerful Dodge Ram [1981-2024], it’s essential to keep an eye on your instrument panel for warning lights and messages. These indicators provide critical information about the status of your vehicle. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore the different warning lights you might encounter, what they mean, and how to respond to them. So, let’s dive into the world of Dodge Ram warning lights:


Seat Belt Reminder Warning Light

Your safety is a top priority. This light reminds you to buckle up. If it’s on, fasten your seat belt, and make sure your passengers do the same.

Air Bag Warning Light

This light indicates a fault in the airbag system. If it stays on while driving, have it inspected immediately to ensure your safety.

Brake Warning Light

Keep an eye on your brake system. This light monitors various brake functions, including brake fluid levels. If it comes on, it might mean your parking brake is applied, brake fluid is low, or there’s an issue with the Anti-Lock Brake System.

Hood Open Warning Light

Safety first. This light alerts you if your hood is open or not securely closed.

Dodge Ram Vehicle Security Warning Light

If your vehicle has a security system, this light flashes during arming and remains on when disarmed.

Engine Coolant Temperature Warning Light

This light warns of engine overheating. Pull over, turn off the A/C, and let the engine cool down if it turns red.

Battery Charge Warning Light

If this light is on while the engine is running, your charging system may be malfunctioning. Contact your dealer for service.

Oil Pressure Warning Light

Low oil pressure is a serious issue. If this light comes on while driving, stop immediately and check your engine oil level.

Electronic Throttle Control (ETC) Warning Light

An issue with the throttle control system triggers this light. You can usually continue driving, but see your dealer for service.

Electric Power Steering (EPS) Fault Warning Light

A fault in the EPS system triggers this light. Reduced steering assist may occur, so seek service promptly.

Tailgate Open Warning Light

Make sure your tailgate is securely closed.

Trailer Brake Disconnected Warning Light

If you’re towing a trailer and the trailer brake is disconnected, this light will come on.

Transmission Temperature Warning Light

If your transmission fluid temperature is too high, this light warns you to stop and let it cool down.

Door Open Warning Light

Ensure all doors are closed properly before driving.


Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) Fault Warning Light

A fault in the ACC system is indicated by this light. Visit your dealer for service.

Air Suspension Fault Warning Light

If there’s an issue with your air suspension system, this light will come on.

Engine Check/Malfunction Indicator Warning Light

This light is part of the OBD II system, monitoring your engine and transmission control systems. It’s essential to check it if it remains on.

Dodge Ram Electronic Park Brake Warning Light

This light indicates issues with the electronic park brake. Seek service from your dealer.

Electronic Stability Control (ESC) Active Warning Light

ESC helps maintain stability while driving. If this light stays on, a malfunction is detected.

Electronic Stability Control (ESC) OFF Warning Light

This light indicates that the ESC is turned off, but it usually turns on automatically at startup.

Service LaneSense Warning Light

LaneSense is essential for lane-keeping. If this light comes on, the system may not be functioning correctly. Seek dealer service.

Low Washer Fluid Warning Light

Keep your windshield clean. This light warns you when washer fluid is low.

Low Fuel Warning Light

When fuel is low, and your distance to empty is less than 50 miles, this light will come on and stay on until you refuel.

Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) Warning Light

This light indicates low tire pressure. Address it immediately to ensure safe driving.


Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) Set With Target Light

When ACC is set and detects a target vehicle, this light appears.

Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) Set With No Target Detected Indicator Light

If ACC is set but no target vehicle is detected, this light turns on.

ECO Mode Indicator Light

ECO mode helps with fuel efficiency. This light indicates when it’s active.

Park/Headlight On Indicator Light

This light turns on when your park lights or headlights are activated.

Dodge Ram LaneSense Indicator Light

When the LaneSense system is on but not armed, this solid green light shows that it’s ready to provide warnings for lane departures.

Front Fog Indicator Light

Your front fog lights are on when this light illuminates.

Turn Signal Indicator Lights

These flash when you use your turn signals. Check for rapid flashing if a bulb is burnt out.

Cruise Control SET Indicator Light

When cruise control is set, this light turns on.

Stop/Start Active Indicator Light

In autostop mode, this light lets you know when your Stop/Start system is active.

4WD AUTO Indicator Light

When your vehicle is in four-wheel drive auto mode, this light will come on to inform you that it’s engaged. The power is primarily sent to the rear wheels.


Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) Ready Light

This light will illuminate when your ACC-equipped vehicle is turned on but not yet set.

Cruise Control Ready Indicator

When your cruise control system is ready but not set, this light turns on.

Cruise Control SET Indicator Light

With a base or midline instrument cluster display, this light indicates that cruise control is set.

Hill Descent Control (HDC) Indicator Light

HDC helps with descending steep terrain. This light shows when HDC is active and ready to assist.

LaneSense Indicator Light

This light indicates the LaneSense system status. When the system is on but not armed, it illuminates solid white.


High Beam Indicator Light

When you turn on your high beam headlights, this light will illuminate. Use your high beams when needed for better visibility.

There you have it, a detailed guide to the warning and indicator lights in your Dodge Ram. Always remember that these lights are your vehicle’s way of communicating with you. Paying attention to them and taking appropriate action when necessary ensures a safe and smooth driving experience. If any of these lights remain on or you’re unsure about their meaning, don’t hesitate to consult your owner’s manual or contact your authorized dealer for assistance. Your safety and the well-being of your Dodge Ram are paramount.

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