Buick Envision Warning Lights and Dashboard Symbols

If you’re a proud owner of a Buick Envision, you’re already familiar with the luxury and technology it offers. From Active Noise Cancellation to wireless smartphone charging, the Buick Envision is designed to provide a comfortable and connected driving experience. However, like any vehicle, it comes equipped with a range of warning lights on the dashboard to alert you to various conditions and potential issues. Understanding these warning lights is crucial for your safety and the health of your vehicle.

Here’s a detailed guide to help you decipher the meaning of those essential dashboard lights:

Red Warning Lights: Immediate Attention Required: Red warning lights are the most critical. When you see one of these, it’s essential to take immediate action.

Yellow Warning Lights: Caution Advised: Yellow warning lights indicate issues that require attention but aren’t emergencies.

Green Warning Lights: Information and Status: Green warning lights provide information and indicate the status of certain vehicle features.

Blue Warning Lights: Informational and Non-Critical: Blue warning lights provide information without indicating an immediate problem.

Loose Fuel Filler Cap Warning Light

If this symbol appears, pull over safely. It indicates that your fuel cap is loose. Secure it properly, and the light should turn off.

Low Fuel Warning Light

When you see this light, it means your vehicle is running low on fuel. You must find the nearest gas station and fill up the tank. The light will go away once the tank is full.

Service Electric Parking Brake

This light indicates a problem with the parking brake system. While you can still drive the car, it’s best to get it repaired promptly.

Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) Warning Light

If this symbol remains lit for about a minute, there’s an issue with the TPMS. It will continue to illuminate until the problem is resolved. Check and adjust tire pressures accordingly.

Brake Warning Light

A problem with the brake system triggers this light. Safely pull over, turn off the car, and restart it to reset the system. If the light persists, seek immediate service.

Vehicle Ahead Indicator

When you’re driving too closely to the vehicle in front of you, this light will illuminate. Maintain a safe following distance to make it disappear.

Vehicle Security Warning Light

This light is part of the theft-deterrent system and illuminates when there’s a potential threat of theft.

ABS Warning Light

The Anti-lock Brake System (ABS) warning light informs you of brake problems. If you see this while driving, park safely, turn off the car, and restart it. If the issue persists, seek professional service.

Adaptive Cruise Control Light

The Cruise Control symbol is white when the system is ready to use and turns green when it’s active.

Air Bag Warning Light

If this light indicates an electrical problem with the airbag system, it needs immediate attention. It should come on for a few seconds when starting the vehicle. If not, have it checked.

Turn Signal Indicator Light

This light comes on when you use your turn signals. If it blinks at an unusual pace, it’s time for a service visit.

High Beam Indicator Light

This light signals that your high-beam headlamps are active. Turn them off when not needed.

Lane Keep Assist Warning Light

It turns green when Lane Keep Assist is active and ready to help you stay in your lane.

Seat Belt Reminder Warning Light

This light reminds you to buckle up. It also shows if the passenger’s seat belt is unfastened. Always wear your seat belt for safety.

Master Warning Light

A triangle with an exclamation mark typically indicates a non-specific fault or an alert, such as traction control activation. If it persists, seek professional service.

Adaptive Cruise Control Warning

If there’s a fault with the adaptive cruise control system, this warning will appear. Restart the car to check if it disappears; if not, consult a mechanic.

Lane Sense Warning

This light appears when the lane-keeping system detects lane departure. It may also provide an audible alert.

Forward Collision Detection Off

If this light appears, it means the forward collision detection system is turned off. Have it checked to restore this safety feature.

Forward Collision Detection Warning

This light alerts you when the system detects a potential collision and takes action to prevent it.

Key-Fob Detected Indicator

This symbol indicates that the car’s key fob has been detected, allowing you to start the vehicle.

Cruise Control Indicator

When cruise control is active, this light appears. It may also include a car-shaped icon.

Hybrid Ready Indicator

This green light signals that the hybrid system is ready for use.

Brake Pad Warning Light

A yellow brake disc with an exclamation mark indicates that your brake pads are getting low. This gives you time to address the issue before it becomes critical.

Engine Air Filter Warning

If your air filter is blocked, this symbol warns you. Some models have a sensor to alert you before a significant blockage occurs.

Water In Fuel Warning

This light, resembling a fuel pump with water droplets, warns of water in the fuel system. It’s crucial to address this issue promptly.

Glow Plug Warning

Common in diesel engines, this light indicates that the glow plugs are warming up before starting. If it stays on, there may be a problem.

Service Reminder

Some models have a service reminder, often represented by a spanner icon. It’s a friendly reminder that it’s time for routine maintenance.

Brake Override Warning

If you inadvertently press both the brake and accelerator pedals simultaneously, this warning light will help you correct your driving behavior.

Adblue Warning

This light, featuring a bottle that appears to empty, alerts you when the AdBlue additive is running low in certain diesel engines.

Headlight/Taillight Out Warning

Some modern cars monitor the status of their exterior lights and will alert you if one is out.

Understanding these Buick Envision warning lights and symbols is crucial for your safety and vehicle maintenance. If you encounter any of these lights and are unsure about the issue, consult your vehicle’s manual or contact your Buick dealership for guidance. Regular maintenance and prompt attention to warning lights will help ensure your Buick Envision continues to provide a safe and enjoyable driving experience.

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